Artist and co-creator of the hugely popular Madam & Eve cartoon strip, Rico is a hugely experienced and versatile cartoonist and illustrator.Wielding a wicked and sometimes off-beat sense of humour honed in over 20 years in the business, Rico works a wide range of styles and techniques including both traditonal media such as pen & ink, watercolours and digital. Rico enjoys nothing better than to try out new styles and techniques and is always trying to push the creative boundaries. Through the experience and discipline of drawing and creating a daily cartoon strip like Madam & Eve to punishing deadlines, Rico is a consumate humorist storyteller and graphic communicator with strong emphasis on character development. Rico's work has ranged from political cartooning, editorial illustration, publishing, TV animation design, character devlopment, educational posters & comic stories, childrens' illustration for several international clients, corporate and industrial communications using cartoon illustrations and cartoon strips.
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